Call center services

As part of the solutions from "A to Z", which we offer to our clients, in a special partnership with the call center "Call Cell BG" we can offer a full range of call center services. Let us be your contact point with the call center to ensure that daily processes run smoothly and your interest is protected.
The service process is based on maintaining regular contacts with different groups of customers, which helps to build and control the relationship between the company and the customer. We offer constant monitoring of the quality of execution, of the service, as well as we prepare specialized statistics and analyzes, reporting the results of the activity, in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Types of services:

  • incoming call services
  • technical Support
  • telephone ordering service
  • telephone for servicing promotional games, campaigns, etc.
  • outgoing call services
  • telephone sales / telemarketing
  • hotline
  • service line 
  • back office
  • video marketing and video advertising