Digital and offset printing

Our experienced team of graphic designers and printing specialists will turn your ideas into beautiful printed materials using the latest techniques, machines and tools.

Your print request will be processed as soon as possible and the final product will be sent directly to you or to the local MBE center, which will arrange delivery or invite you to pick it up on site.

Digital printing - a unifying concept for many printing technologies, the common denominator of which is the direct transfer of the image from a digital description (computer file) to a physical medium - paper or other print media. This is the best technique when you want to prioritize quality and print in a smaller print run. It is most often used for printing posters, flyers, business cards, menus.

Offset printing - this is a printing method in which the image is created on one surface and transferred (offset) to another. If you have large runs or more complex jobs and profitability goals, offset printing service is often the best choice. It is commonly used for catalogues, brochures, magazines, folders, letterheads and stationery.

In our pilot center we have machines for digital printing. For all other orders that we cannot execute with our own machines, we turn to our trusted partners, with whom we work through special agreements, so as to provide the customer with a competitive price for the service. When we are asked what printed products and technologies we offer, it is easier to say "we do everything". Our task is to solve your problem, saving you time to call the various printing houses, asking them if they can complete the task and waiting to collect the different offers. We have already selected the best and most competitive printing houses for which we can guarantee a quality product and a fair treatment.

Some of the products we can make for you are:

  • Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, notebooks and pads, company stamps
  • Brochures and catalogs, materials for direct mail, calendars
  • Cards and badges, flyers, posters, stickers and labels
  • Invitations and cards, wedding invitations
  • Menus
  • Banners, billboards and billboards, billboards, flags, flags
  • Interior decoration - framed posters, wallpapers, decorative panels, floor graphics
  • Branding of shop windows and cars
  • Souvenir advertising - writing instruments, textiles, electronics
  • Design and printing of product packaging