Customized packaging

Fighting daily in a competitive market economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab and hold the consumer's attention. Businesses such as online retailers, cafes and restaurants can impress their customers by offering them personalized packaging of their products.

MBE offers different options for customizing packaging according to your budget and requirements. We can make product packaging entirely according to your personal preferences, with the desired sizes, colors and materials. We can also provide low-cost options of standard packaging such as boxes, cups, envelopes, personalized with a self-adhesive branded sticker.

In addition to the packaging, we can also make personalized plastic and paper bags and branded wrapping paper to impress your customers.

If you work with large volumes and have logistics of the products, we can also offer personalized boxes, specially made for your brand or offer a low-cost alternative again with self-adhesive stickers.

Remember that we can also help you with the import and transportation of your products, as well as with the production of advertising materials for your business. Impress your customers with personalized cards to thank them for the order or to provide them with a voucher for their next order. For online merchants we also provide a complete e-commerce service. You can learn more here.