3150+ stores in 52 countries offer professional services in the field of shipping, micrologistics, marketing, graphic design and printing. Now you can find your trusted partner also in Bulgaria!

Trust MBE for your deliveries!

MBE offers a diverse portfolio of packing and shipping services for all kinds of items and cargo. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive network worldwide, we can offer our customers the most suitable way to ship their parcels, and at the best price according to their needs.

With all the big-name carriers under one roof, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, ECONT, and Speedy, at MBE we offer tailored business solutions to suit every budget. This saves both individuals and businesses valuable time, effort, and resources in the process of packing and shipping their packages.

We specialize in sending all types of parcels - valuable or fragile items requiring special and reliable packaging; bulky items with non-standard shapes and difficult to pack; express delivery of documents ...

At MBE you can find a solution for everything you need!

Why use MBE for your delivery?

  • Unlike courier companies, our main activity is to protect the interest of our customers, tracking the route and status of the shipment daily, so that we can react even before the problem arises.
  • Don't waste time contacting each courier separately to check who will offer you the best conditions and price, we can tell you this right away
  • We do not charge you extra with the price, as we have special agreements with courier companies
  • If you have regular shipments, we can offer you customized invoicing, issuing a general invoice at the end of the month to make your accounting easier
  • We can offer professional packaging for your shipment to protect it from damage during transportation
  • We will notify you when the shipment is received
  • We also offer additional services such as cash on delivery (COD)
  • Additional shipment insurance
  • Return receipt/return documents
  • Inspection and test of the shipment