3150+ stores in 52 countries offer professional services in the field of shipping, micrologistics, marketing, graphic design and printing. Now you can find your trusted partner also in Bulgaria!

The past years have proven that the saying “The Only Constant in Life Is Change” is absolutely true. Companies have become accustomed to operating in an ever-changing environment. But only those who can quickly adapt and look for new opportunities to develop and grow are the ones that survive. Whole sectors such as online trade, transport and logistics, streaming services saw record growth in their activity because they were able to respond to the new consumer needs.

2023 is coming with new challenges for the global economic and social world. 2023 will also provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses that are innovative, cutting-edge and adaptable.

If you have decided to start your own business or want to improve your current one - we at MBE can help you. From creating a brand identity, updating your company website and marketing materials to building and managing your online store, with all the activities that it involves: storing, packaging and delivering your products to the end customer.

Don't give up on your ideas just because you don't have a solution to a problem. At MBE we will find the right solution for you.

And since our company is also looking for new opportunities for constant growth, you can become a franchise partner. The fields of transport, logistics, marketing and digital services have proven their resilience and growth potential in recent years. If you want to be part of them and develop your business in a dynamic and interesting environment, contact us – let’s grow together!