Solutions for small and medium enterprises

The mission of Mail Boxes Etc. around the world is to support the activities of the private client and small and medium-sized businesses. Our focus is on providing a personalized and flexible service to our customers, paying special attention and care to them, unlike other companies that target large customers and rely on quantity rather than quality. That's why the MBE is here to be with you and provide you with full A-to-Z service.

What distinguishes us is our international experience, not only in the implementation of tasks, but also in the relationship with the client. We strive to build long-term relationships and partnerships to be with you as you grow.

The special thing in the MBE delivery service is that we provide our customers with the best possible offer according to the specifics of the shipment and their needs and requirements. We are a broker of courier services and working through special agreements with the best and most experienced couriers in the country, we can guarantee a complete service for individuals and companies, making the process as easy as possible for you and your employees. We can offer you special conditions and personalized service if you have regular shipments of documents and packages up to 3 kg. Our experienced team has the necessary expertise to save you headaches, time, costs and lost benefits.

Why use MBE for your delivery?

  • Unlike courier companies, our main activity is to protect the interest of our customer, tracking the route and status of the shipment on a daily basis, so that we can react even before the problem has arisen.
  • Don't waste time contacting each courier separately to check who will offer you the best conditions and price, we can tell you this right away
  • We do not charge you extra with the price, as we have special agreements with courier companies
  • If you have regular shipments, we can offer you customized invoicing, issuing a general invoice at the end of the month to make your accounting easier
  • We can offer professional packaging of your shipment to protect it from damage during transportation
  • We will notify you when the shipment is received
  • We also offer additional services such as cash on delivery (COD)
  • Additional shipment insurance
  • Return receipt / return documents
  • Inspection and test of the shipment


MBE Import provides timely and complete care for the delivery of raw materials and goods from anywhere in the world to your business locations. Need to send samples from China or America? Import a pallet of goods from South Africa? Do you organize the collection of goods from several locations in Turkey?

No problem! Send us an inquiry and see what MBE can do for you. Large shipping companies often do not show interest in smaller shipments or customers who do not import regularly. Fortunately, you can combine MBE Import with other MBE services to get a personalized solution to your import problem. This set of services is provided by a specialized import and logistics department. An added benefit is that this department works for you, but does not require you to pay a salary and is not charged on any monthly basis.