Students services

Printing and copying of study materials

We can copy and print your study materials in each MBE center. If you want to copy a textbook or notebook of a classmate, we can help you.

We can also print and bind your coursework or diploma work beautifully and diligently. Trust us to present your work in the best way, we can offer the standard binding with a spiral or hard cover, if you want to stand out in front of your professors and classmates.

We can also print your photo for the notebook or diploma.

Sending luggage from / to home

Every student who has moved to study in another city or even another country knows what challenges he has when he has to move his luggage.

Thanks to our expertise in shipping and diligent packaging, we can offer all parents a special service to solve this problem.

We will pack your child's belongings in the best way so that they are not damaged during transport and optimize the space in the box, we will choose the most suitable carrier to ensure the timely arrival of the belongings so that you have them available when you arrive on campus.