Virtual office solutions

Today, more than ever, the image of your business is crucial. But the costs too. That's why it's worth considering an MBE Virtual Office solution. There are two main components:

Prestigious postal address (ie virtual address) - where your mail and courier will arrive at the local MBE center. When the mail or parcels are delivered, we will notify you so that you can stop by the center and pick them up, or we will send them to you anywhere in the world.
Virtual secretary - receptionist answers and processes your calls just as it would in a real office. Our partner call center Call Cell offers a FREE 7-day trial that only takes a few minutes to set up. Then polite, professional receptionists will answer your calls, convincing callers that they have contacted your company's headquarters.

We can offer you a special central number, for example * 777, to use as a contact on your website.

Feel free to use the address of the MBE center, where you are registered and in your official materials, on the website, business cards and marketing materials.

If you decide to grow your business and want, for example, to open "offices" in other cities, you can safely use our network of stores and register additional addresses of the company in other cities in Bulgaria.

We can forward your mail to your home or anywhere in the world. You do not need to take the time to come to the place in person. We offer various service packages to make the process easier for you. We will send you a notification of received mail by email, phone or SMS. Choose the right mailbox for your needs.